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My life has always been about Home and Music. I've been blessed to have so many of my own dreams come true. Now I get to help others do the same, working together to find their dream home, or selling their current property to reach new and exciting goals. I am still singing and playing music as well!

Jacob's Black Belt Journey

Our youngest son's Black Belt Journey video.

He was so little when he began, he doesn't even remember most of it.
But so much of who he is is because of this journey.
I've watched him stand up to bullies, and turn them into a friend. I've seen him face his own fears, and read in front of a crowd. I've witnessed him welcome strangers, help without being asked, and persevere when he was more than frustrated. It's not always easy for such a little guy. Ya. He makes me proud. He has worked hard for the chance to test for this belt. 

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